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Grillin an Chillin was founded in 2009 on one basic principle: to provide high quality unique stainless steel cooking products built to last.

For centuries Europeans have enjoyed cooking outdoors. Now over the last few decades outdoor living has become a fun and stylish lifestyle Americans are enjoying. To be a good outdoor party host you need to go beyond hamburgers and hotdogs. We have tried many products on the market, but what was always missing was the right tool to cook a large animal slowly over an open flame.

We married our love of flame roasted cooking with our motor manufacturing background to develop these unique products. When our design was introduced to our family and friends, everyone was amazed at how fun and easy it was to use. After extensive testing and many enjoyable gatherings, we decided to share our products with the public.

We have all parts made to our exact specifications. These we assemble, test and package in our Massachusetts facility. Our products are designed with durability, quality, and portability as the top priority to let you be the envy of all your friends for years to come.

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