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The rotisserie is really impressive with its modular design.

It is easy to take it apart for thorough clean. It is well worth the investment - for block party, for family gathering. The little portable one is easy to pack and use. It has small volume after folded and it is very sturdy.We will enjoy both for many years to come! Great design and product quality!




We used both portable and motorized rotisserie grill set. They were designed for ease of use and clean. Very happy with the equipments. The portable grill set is perfect for family outing and the rotisserie is a great highlight for parties, whether its family gathering or company parties. TWO THUMBS UP!



This S/S Tuscan grill is a fantastic product.

I used it one day to treat my friends to a quick dinner. The steaks were finished before the salad was prepared and mixed. I found this very easy to set up and use.

I used a few bricks to put as a base to protect my lawn. I put few pieces of fireplace wood, 10+ pieces of charcoal and a little paper then lit it up. When it got hot, I placed the steaks and some shish kebabs on it. It really got going. The steak was ready pretty fast.

When the dinner was served, everyone claimed the steak was very tasty and different. It took me awhile to think about what I had done differently. This was definitely different from other BBQ grills I have used. I think the wood had a lot to do with the flavor. I used oak wood. The open high flame really helped to seal the steak and make the surface slightly crunchy but without burning it. Inside the meat stayed very juicy.

One thing I like the most is you can adjust the height of the grill. After the steak was cooked, I did pork ribs. It was a quick dinner, so I did microwave the ribs for 5 minutes then put them on the grill. The fire was lowered but the charcoal kept a steady heat on the grill. That worked very well. I was able to cook 2 rounds of meat by one set of fire. I think I can treat 10 people by adding one more round of the wood without any timing problem. After the meal was done I used a garden hose to put the fire out. I like the stainless steel grill, after I used it I left it outside for a couple of days. When I went to put it away it was easy to clean and there was no rust at all.

I wish they can build something like a case or tray to hold the fire off the ground. I’ve used this many times now and they all came out very nice. I will take this with me on my next camping trip. That will be lots of fun. I like the fact that this folds into one piece to carry everywhere.


Here’s how the pig turned out—

The spit worked like a champ, but I feel like I should put sandbags on the tripods to keep it from jumping around so much (I did truss the spine to the pole)! Not having a single piece pole, the lack of a sharp tip on it to shove through the animal, and having to mess with the wing nuts in the middle are about my only complaints. I built a semi-permanent pit in my backyard for it, if it helps I can send what I did there too if anyone ever asks about it. Much better this year than last year’s party where I had to babysit the pit and keep turning it manually with vice grips!!!

Thanks, ~Jeff


My New Fav Toy

Great rotisserie and it served me very well over the Xmas holidays with both a side of beef and a whole hog. Couple of issues that would have been nice improvements to it considering the high price.

1. This is one speed only (although speed is perfect for large meat).
2. The height adjustment is only good if you plan on cooking over an open flame on the ground. I like using a 1/2 barrel for the heat and the height only adjusts up about 1 foot. Another foot on the height would have been ideal. I have to put the spit on blocks to get it high enough to fit over the fire barrel.
3. The spit bar itself is great for large meat; however, without a custom basket and/or a smaller spit bar, large meat is all you can cook with it.

I'm very pleased with it and it shipped out on time and was professional packaged etc. I look forward to many years of feeding the neighbourhood!

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