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GC-150-2 Rotisserie with Spit Fork Pair

Regular Price: $999.00 Sale Price: $849.00

The GC-150 is the ultimate rotisserie for roasting large pigs, goats, lambs or any meat up to 200 lbs the way they were intended to be cooked; slow roasted over an open flame.

With a completely stainless steel spit everything that touches the food is safe.

Portable and easy to setup and operate. This is a great tool for the professional caterer or backyard chef with a large group to feed. The powerful 120 watt motor runs off of 110VAC at 4 RPM or can be operated on a car battery with an inexpensive DC/AC adapter found at most stores.

This rotisserie has a 72" spit with bearings installed with food safe grease for smoother operation and longer motor life, two tripod bases, high torque motor and two stainless spit forks. This rotisserie will soon be your favorite outdoor cooking tool.

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