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GC-80Z Rotisserie with Spit Fork Pair and Four Stainless Burn Trays

Regular Price: $1,199.00 Sale Price: $999.00

The GC-80Z is the next level of rotisserie cooking for roasting medium sized pigs, goats, lambs or any animal up to 100 lbs. The innovative mobile rack with stainless steel burn trays allow you to use your rotisserie anywhere. By keeping the fire off the ground the GC-80Z will be the rotisserie of choice for the professional caterer as well as the weekend BBQ host. With a completely stainless steel spit everything that touches the food is safe. Easy to set up and operate, designed to be used where an open fire directly on the ground is not an option. The powerful motor runs on regular household current or can be run with a car battery using an inexpensive adapter found at most stores. 60 inches of usable stainless spit for the meat. Spit bearings are installed with food safe grease to reduce the load on the motor for longer life. Fully portable and assembles in seconds. The four stainless burn trays allow for easy removal of the fire and provide a surface on the rack for carving your food.

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